Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Baseball Game

Peyton started coach-pitch farm baseball.  He had his first game a couple weeks ago.  Everything has been rained out for him for the past week! Spring baseball in Oregon...silly!

Go Mariners!

So handsome in his uni

So serious!

But not that serious
Down and ready

My handsome coach


The kids were up bright and early Easter morning to see what the Easter bunny had brought them and then headed to the early 8:30 am mass with my dad. 
After mass we went over to B's parents for a delicious brunch! Waffles, eggs benedict, fruit, hashbrowns, mimosas...the works! We really lucked out weather-wise and the kids had fun finding all the Easter surprises all over Grammy and Papa's front yard.  Since we were sort of in a rush to get to church on time, I forgot my big camera :( and only managed to get this pic of Liv with her loot.  Peyton was not in the picture mood so I didn't get any of him until later. 
After brunch, we headed home to rest a while before Easter round 2 with the Prazeau's.  We headed up to my Dad's for Easter dinner.  It was delish! Lots of food, family, laughs, and DOGS! 
Finally got Peyton to agree to a pic before we left.

Gorgeous girls.  Liv loves her Marissa

Liv spiked a fever and was laid out on the couch for a while.  I love that Lexa is sitting holding her hand...love all three of those girls so much. 

A little Around the World basketball...a staple at Prazeau get togethers.

Adorable Sully with Great Grandpa
Love my girl

Love him

Randy and Amy's new Labradoodle puppy Tilde

Tank with Stephers...he had a blast pestering Tilde

Drew with the Tankster

Peyt with his favorite pup!

Tilde just wanted that little dog away from her! He wanted to play so bad but I think she was a little freaked out with him.
Dish duty
Just a few of the boys
My love
Wearing Mommy's heels...she's got her strut down already.

I can't say how much I love this pic!

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

A little sparkly Easter egg dyeing the day before Easter!


Steph got a new puppy, Tank! He is a silver/chocolate lab and seriously the is cutest puppy I have ever seen.  I just love him.  B and I went over to Steph and RJs for dinner to meet him a couple weeks ago, then I took the kids over there last week to meet him.  They love him too. 
Snuggling with B...just 6 weeks old.

He fell asleep on Peyton right before we left...he's so smitten with him and couldn't stop talking about him that night.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

YMCA Basketball Banquet

Well a season of YMCA basketball came to an end.  I think Peyton improved his fundamentals and is loving the game even more than before.  He wanted to play another season this Spring, but with a heavy practice/game baseball schedule we decided it would be too overwhelming. 

We met the team/coach at Godfather's Pizza in Troutdale for a pizza party.  Peyton had fun playing/chatting with his teammates (many that were also schoolmates) and Olivia of course had a blast playing with her bff Ben, a younger brother of Peyt's classmate Allison, that she loves.  They play together every day at pick-up and just have a blast together. 

We are proud of our boy!

Here's a video of him scoring during his last game:

And a video of Peyton receiving his certificate from his coach:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Semper Fi

The weekend before last, we welcomed my nephew Bradley home from US Marine Corp 12-week boot camp in San Diego.  He is a different man! He did so well down there and I know he has a very bright future ahead of him.  He is very disciplined with a Prazeau work ethic! And good job to the USMC for finding a uniform and shoes to fit his 6' 7" frame.  He was home for a little over a week and is back down in San Diego for another month of training before he goes to Missouri.  We are so proud of him!!!
Brad with his sweet girlfriend Estella

Sherri had this awesome cake made via Pastry Girl in SE Portland

Peyton playing with Sully..he's getting so big!

Marissa Mae and Alexa Lou

Austin and Peyt being crazy as per usual

Trying to get Sully to crawl

Had to

Hughy missed his boy

Cutting that cake!

He is a rifle expert!

So serious.. Brad with his two proud aunts!

Livs getting her goodbye hug