Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunt 2014

We headed out to Tannenbaum Platz tree farm again this year for the perfect noble.  It had been raining off and on all day and of course rained for our tree hunt so I didn't get many pics.  But we found the perfect one!
This is right before Olivia bit it hard in the mud.  HA!!

Not enjoying getting soaked, especially after falling in the mud.

Peyton loved it.

A beaut!

Rest in Peace Pancho Boy 01/24/02-11/23/14

On November 23, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put Pancho to sleep.  Gosh, it was so hard!  He had been having trouble breathing and stopped eating so we took him into the ER where they put him on oxygen and took an xray.  His heart was failing and he was suffering.  He had canine epilepsy his whole life and was on anti-seizure medication for many years.  These meds eventually took a bad toll on his liver, which was proven on the xray.  I can't explain how heart wrenching it was to having him pass away in my arms.  He was the best dog! Never a chewer, loved to play fetch, loved to be chased, loved to lay on heater vents and a little bit of a barker.  He was my first ever dog and I can never be more grateful to B for gifting him to me when we were dating for my 22nd birthday.  I love you Pancho!
We had his paws imprinted as a keepsake

We got Tootsie 2 years after we got him and she is so depressed without him.  He was her companion for her entire life.  She is a completely different dog now.  Way more mellow and attached to us like glue.  I truly believe that dogs grieve too. 
Here's a few of my favorite pics of him...
This pic was taken a few weeks friends.
Christmas 2003 with his other late sister Roxy
My boy

Always lounging

He wasn't the biggest fan of the kids, but he was often protective of him.  Peyton took it pretty hard and still gets sad.
Basking in the sun at Wickiup
He had the best howl
Little Peyt taking him on a walk.

He always snuggled himself up in a blanket.

Rest in peace handsome boy.

Thanksgiving 2014

We switch every year for Thanksgiving for celebrations with B and I's families.  This year it was our year to spend with my side of the family.  I had to work til 2pm but we headed straight over to my dad's for a delicious turkey dinner, family (31 total people!), cards and games! I love my family...such a fun night.

Sully! Aren't his cheeks somethin' else?!

Liv playing Uno with Kaitlyn

Dad carving the 25lb bird

Kid table!

Just a few of the desserts...there were even more in the fridge.

Peyton played this Michael Jackson Wii game all night.  He was a sweaty dancing machine!  See video below

Sully and Livs getting down.

We dealt some cards and played Rummy Royal. Our family fave card game.
Gilly and Rissa getting down in between hands

My dad, B, and my bro-in-law Brett watching football


JT Concert

My good friend Amy got Justin Timberlake tickets the day they went on sale I was sooo excited!  He is one of my absolute faves and his concert did not disappoint.  I can easily say it was the best concert I've been to.  He played old and new songs and we sang so loud and long that we had hoarse voices the next day.  It was a late night during the week but totally worth it!  Here's a video..

Kate, Amy and these girls!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

CYO Hoops 2014

Another season of St Therese CYO hoops is done.  Peyton really took a giant leap forward with his basketball skills and he seemed to like it even more this year.  (Which makes my heart burst with pride!) He improved his ball handling-he's pretty good with both hands, shooting and also got a lot quicker.  I love watching him play and I'm excited for him to play at the next grade level because they enforce more of the rules (like no traveling and double dribbling...drives me CRAZY!).  He's going to play winter YMCA starting in January, which he is looking forward to. 

Lined up for prayer before the game.

Peyt got the Wilt Chamberlain Greatest of All Time Award! :)

Here's a couple videos...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gilly Glam

The last few years I've really gotten into the beauty, hair, products, etc.  So I started a beauty blog with my niece Stephanie. Check it out if you're interested!


Halloween morning started out with pouring down rain, but we got lucky and it stayed dry for trick-or-treating! We headed over to my dad's house for some crock pot taco chicken chili and then we headed out.  The kids had so much fun. They had a busy day with their parties at school so they were pretty tired at the end of the night. 
Donatello and a pretty witch

We had an adult enterage walking around in NE Portland

Austin, Peyton and Liv

After biting the dust a couple times with lots of tears, she got a ride from Daddy

Marissa, me and Steph

I had a lot of fun with Halloween makeup looks this year.
Gorgeous girl

Pumpkin Carving

We finally got around to carving some pumpkins right before Halloween!
Olivia wasn't too into  touching the inside of the pumpkins...and got bored pretty quick.

She was more entertained with her fangs!

Peyt took his time and wanted to do it ALL by himself.  

Peyt's finished pumpkin

My pumpkin
B's pumpkin