Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My birthday/St. Therese auction

I turned 35 on April 11....MID THIRTIES, where is the time going?!
I woke up to Starbucks breakfast and lots of goodies from my loves!

Flowers, Flowerbomb perfume, tulips and COFFEE! 
That night we got all fancied up and headed out to the  kids' school auction.  It was held at the Oaks Park Pavillion and was very successful! The main item we raised for was a new gym floor.  Total $$ raised was $96k!  Hubers catered the dinner and it was really fun.

My dad and B's parents came too.  
My brother Hugh and sis-in-law Sherri took the kids overnight and they are STILL talking about how much fun they had and can't wait for another sleep over.
Peyt helped make dinner.  He requested a chicken cordon bleu dinner--his fave!

After the auction, we met up with Gina, (a good friend from highschool!) and her hubby Scott, their son Jack is in Peyton's class.  We went to a total dive bar out where we live and had a great time, even with all the old men hitting on us and B!
Maybe had a little too much fun..

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Warm Spring Sunday + Prazeau BBQ

Last weekend was such a gorgeous, warm weekend! We spent a ton of time outside and ended the weekend at my Dad's house for a BBQ. 
So ready for the training wheels to come off

Embracing her wanting her picture taken while I can

Hooping it up at Grandpa's house

Sully LOVES his Uncle Austin

And his "Papa" him!

My sis-in-law Sherri!

Hughy manning the BBQ

Chicken/veggie kabobs, corn on the cob, quinoa cakes and a strawberry spinach salad...SO GOOD!

Eating their cheesecake in a jar dessert

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

A few days before Easter we dyed Easter Eggs...

Love these two so much!

Peyton was determined to have super BRIGHT eggs so he left them in the dye for a really long time.  They turned out beautiful!

The day before Easter, while Peyton had his opening baseball ceremonies Liv and I headed to the Fairview Easter Egg hunt.  It was kind of lame (no plastic eggs, but tiny chocolate eggs wrapped in foil that got trampled and were unedible) but Liv enjoyed it I think.  She got to meet the Fairview police, Gresham firefighters and the Easter Bunny!

On Easter morning the kids were excited to wake up to their basket filled with goodies from the Easter Bunny. 

Livs stoked about her Easter Bunny Loot!
Some new shades for Spring time!

"Really? A loofa?"

Excited about everything

Peyt snapped some photos before we left for Easter Mass

Even of the gorgeous Tootsie (can you believe she is 11 years old?!)

My girl

Easter Egg Hunt at Church
After church we headed home for a couple hours to rest and then went over to B's parent's house for a delicious Easter dinner.
Carrot Cake I made for Easter Dinner at the Springer's

Blowing bubbles they got in their Easter baskets at Grammy and Papa's.

Day at Cannon Beach

On March 22 (It's so hard to keep up with the blogging, but I'm determined!) we decided on a whim to head down to Cannon Beach for the day.  The weather was a bit iffy but we decided to go anyway. As soon as we got there it completely down poured and it was pretty miserable to be honest.  Olivia was definitely coming down with something so she wasn't herself.  We walked on the beach in the rain for a bit, got completely soaked so we headed back to the car.  Then it all of the sudden cleared up and was sunny!  So we walked around town, got some taffy and then headed back down to the beach.  Livs just was not feeling good so she stayed on Daddy's shoulders.  We walked on the beach for a while...Tootsie was in heaven on the beach, she did great on the drive too.  But Liv just really wasn't feeling good so after about 45 min or so we loaded back up in the car and headed back home.  It was a very short trip but fun nonetheless. 

The rain did not bother Peyton.  He loves the beach and adventure.

A foggy, misty Haystack Rock

Starting to get soaked

Walking around the shops

Managed a smile from my sick girl

Tootsie had only been to the beach I think one other time, but she was in heaven!

The sun came out and it was gorgeous!

Liv really not feeling good at this point.:(

So pretty

Tootsie was pooped and slept most of the way home. Love her.

Poor girl spiked a high fever and was sick for several days after we got back.  Poor baby!