Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2015 Jogathon

On October 2nd, the kids' school had another very successful Jog-a-thon.  The school raised more than $32,000.  Peyton ran 53 laps (!) and Liv had 32!!  Peyton tied at 53 laps with his classmate Jack which was 2nd in the entire school!  I'm so proud of them, they both ran their little hearts out.  

Peyton and some of his 3rd grade classmates

Liv walking out on the field with her class.

3rd grade huddle!

Post race popcorn

Love them!!!

Jack and Peyton

Peyton with his two buddies Kevin and Shea

School photo

They had an awards assembly on Nov 5th to give out all the awards and prizes.  They didn't win any of the big drawings but got their medals and a gift card for being the top runners in their class.

Some video of them receiving their awards...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lee's Pumpkin Farm

I took the last week of October off like I usually do so I can do Halloween activities with the  kids and of course the whole week called for rain except for Tuesday so that became our pumpkin farm day.  B and I picked the kids up from school and we headed out to Lee's Farm in Tualatin.  Going on a weekday was so much better than the weekend, there were hardly any people there.  The kids had fun running around, doing all the activities and seeing all the farm animals.  There weren't any pumpkins out like usual, I'm not sure if they bring them out on the weekend so we didn't get any pumpkins.  We like to go to a local farm (Cereghino Farms) out by our house that is owned by some family friends for our pumpkins anyway-they have great pumpkins!

Baby chickens

Baby calves

The piglets are always so hilarious to watch

Trying to get a pic of my gorgeous girl but she wasn't having it.

Til Daddy made her laugh

Love these two.  Liv was having anxiety about riding in the cow train alone so Peyt put his arm around her to make her feel better. They can be so sweet to each other, SOMETIMES.  :)

RYSC for Liv {Soccer}

Olivia started playing her first organized sport!  ReynoldsYouth Soccer League U6.  She's playing a level up because they didn't have enough 4/5 year olds for a U5 team, so she is the youngest player on the team.  But she has done so great!  She got the hang of it after the first couple games and has improved so much since the very start--she's gotten way more aggressive and plays amazing defense. The girl loves sports and seems to do well at whatever she plays.  She has a great attitude and is very coachable which is so key! She has just a few more games left. These pics are from her 2nd game I believe...

Geoffrey is a really good coach, he's super patient and knows what he's doing.  And come to find out, we work together.  He's a flight nurse at Randall Children's Hospital and I dispatch him to pick up sick kids.  Small world!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adalynn Joyce

On Aug 12, after 2+days of labor, Steph gave birth to Adalynn Joyce!  She is such a gorgeous baby!  Meeting her for the first time was so special for me.  Steph is my absolute best friend and has been since the day she was born so I felt so overjoyed to meet my new great niece.  I'm so proud of Steph and RJ...they've jumped into the parent role so seamlessly.  Love you three!
I only have iPhone pics and a few of their photo shoot pics that I stole :)  Addy is such a doll face.