Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marissa's Graduation

My niece Marissa graduated from high school a few weeks ago.  That makes me feel old!  She is such a smart, kind, beautiful, grounded, and down-to-earth girl.  Love you Marissa, we are so proud of you!

Franklin HS Class of 2015

With Grandpa

With Dad

With Mama !
Rissa and her boyfriend AJ

Brittni and her kids Andrew/Collin flew in from Indiana
I love this pic.  Alexa and Uncle John

Uncle Randy, Aunt Amy and Austin

So proud


Farm Baseball 2015

This year's baseball season was a big one for Peyton.  We finally figured out Peyton's batting dilemma.  A couple years ago his t-ball coach was convinced that Peyt was hitting on the wrong side and switched him over to the right side. Peyton does absolutely everything left handed so this was surprising to me.  So for the next 2 years he got used to hitting on the right but his swing was super awkward and he never looked comfortable.  This resulted in a lot of frustration for him and he kept mentioning that he really didn't want to play anymore.  He got used to being on the right side so much that he no longer felt comfortable on the left either.  SO frustrating!  He decided to give it one more shot this year and thank goodness Brandon got to coach with Sean, who we knew from previous baseball/soccer/basketball seasons.  Sean is an awesome coach and knows so much about the game.  He knew right away that Peyton was batting on the wrong side and immediately started working with him on Saturday's to get him comfortable and back to the left side.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE! He finally got used to the left again and was hitting so much harder and he looked so much more comfortable.  What a relief. 
He also improved immensely with his fielding and understanding of the game.  We are excited for next year as he will move up to the minor league level.  He played a lot of first base, a little bit of catcher and second base. 
B coached again this year and he did an amazing job.  He is sooo patient which is key to coach this age level. 

Coach Sean and Peyt

Daddy coaching his boy

Here are a few of the many videos I took.  He improved so much this year.  So proud of you Peyt! 
We had our end of the season party at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Peyt has made some good friends.

Playing games with his buddy Parker

Friday, June 12, 2015

Peyton's First Communion

Starting last September we started the process of preparing Peyton for his First Communion.  Every Sunday from September through May he had First Communion class before mass while B and I had a parents class to attend.  It was a lot of time and work but he learned a lot and was well-prepared.  He is just growing up so fast!  I can remember my First Communion in this same church like it was yesterday!  We are very proud of him. 

Livvy wanted a picture in front of Mary too.

Two of his good friends from school, Shea and Allison, go to our church too so it was fun for them to study and go through the process together. 

All the First Communicants

Peyton along with another girl were chosen to do readings.  He amazes me! The reading he had was difficult...with many hard-to-pronounce names.  We practiced the day before like crazy and he did awesome! He spoke clearly and wasn't nervous at all!  I would have never done that at his age (or now...way too shy for that!)
Here's the video of his reading.

Father Angelo, our priest at Ascension

Lots of family came to support him.  Of course, his favorite cousin Austin!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Disneyland! {Photo Overload!}

On May 17th (B's 35th birthday!) we flew to Anaheim to go to Disneyland with B's parents.   This was the kids' first time on an airplane.  Peyton did get a little nauseas on the landing but other than that the kids loved it.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath hotel with kitchenette. It was really nice and only a half mile away from Disneyland.  As soon as we got there we were starving so we checked into the hotel and went to find some food.  We ate a delicious lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then headed back to the hotel so the kids could swim.  They could have stayed there all day.  Olivia would have rather swam everyday than go to Disneyland I think, haha.

The hotel included an amazing buffet breakfast, so each day we ate a huge breakfast before we left for the park.  The first day we decided to go to the Disneyland park.  The kids were so excited!

I tried to get a better pic but it was just so crowded this day.

Peyt jumped right in and we did Splash Mountain as our first ride...he sat right in front (as I ducked behind him when we did the big drop-it was early and I wasn't ready yet!)  He has ZERO fear when it comes to thrill rides.

Olivia picked the Pooh ride as her first ride.

Then we headed to the teacups which were a hit

Grammy and Papa in their cup

Flying Dumbo...I think the boys were bored, haha!

It was a nice vacation for B and I even though it was quite exhausting at times, we did a lot of walking!

Thunder Mountain! This is my favorite ride in Disneyland.

We saw several characters throughout the park but it was hard to get my camera out in time to get a photo.  Here I got a pic of the Mad Hatter.

Meeting Iridessa.  Both kids brought along Disney notebooks for all the characters to sign.
And Tinkerbell

Star Tours

Peyt really liked Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Trying with all their might on the Sword in the Stone (my favorite Disney movie!)

Livvy loved all the carousels

Peyt tolerated them :)

Exhausted girl after day one, waiting for our hotel shuttle

Grammy with her two boys

For day 2, we had reservations for a character breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen and then decided we would take on California Adventure.
Liv dressed as Cinderella for the day. 

Peyt excited for day 2..waiting for our shuttle bus

Daddy and his princess
At Goofy's Kitchen there was a huge buffet of Mickey shaped waffles, pancakes, crepes, omlets, scrambles, fruit, PB&J pizza (!!!!) pastries, treats and so much more ready for us to dive into.  It was so cool to sit down and eat and all the characters would walk around to interact, sign autographs and take photos with everyone.

Chip (or Dale, not sure)


Goofy the Chef


Minnie was as sweet as can be.

My breakfast of PBJ pizza, eggs and bacon.  That pizza was AMAZING.  I need to make my own at home.

Papa and his princess
The Lego store was really fun to walk through.  The huge Lego figures were amazing.

Lego Beast

Cars land was my favorite! It seriously feels like you're right in Radiator Springs.

There was a huge line to meet Lightening McQueen so we just opted to take a picture of him.



The Radiator Springs car ride was really fun.  We went on it twice. 

Meeting Donald.  Peyton said he was his favorite.

The Silly Symphony Swings were Liv's favorite

California Screamin'...oh boy.  I did NOT want to go on this ride.  It goes over 60 mph and has a loop de loop.  I was a total chicken.  Peyton wanted to go on it so bad but I was nervous about him going on it and told B he should go first to see if it would be too scary for Peyton.  B and his dad went on it.  They LOVED it.

He couldn't not smile after getting off the coaster.

In the meantime, Liv went on another carousel...

They finally convinced me to suck it up and go. Peyton LOVED it and wanted to go right back on it again. I  kept my eyes closed for most of it, but had to admit it was pretty fun.  We went on it 3 times total on our trip. 

Paradise Pier Ferris Wheel...we all weren't a fan of it.  Being stopped on the top with the cage swaying over the water wasn't our favorite. 

The army guys from Toy Story

Liv and Papa on the Jumpin' Jellyfish

Bumper Cars in Bugs Land

Intense.  These bumper cars were SO slow it was kind of hilarious to watch

Lady bug ride in Bugs Land

We finally spotted Mickey...but there was a huge line to meet him.
Day 3...we gave the kids the choice of which park we would spend our last day at and they chose California Adventure.  We didn't get through a lot of the Disneyland side which was a little bummer.
Ready to go!

The last 2 days we gave in and rented a stroller for the day.  Best $15 we spent all day.  We could move through the park faster with no whining about tired legs. 

Walt and Mickey

Meeting Sophia..Liv LOVES her!


Giving warm hugs

Chatting it up with Anna and Elsa.  Anna was hilarious.  Olivia just kind of stood there in awe most of the time.

This was the one ride I could never go on again and not be sad about it.  I'm not a huge fan of being dropped in an elevator in the pitch dark.  Weird?  Peyt loved it.

Riding in a takeout box in Bugs Land

I sat out the Grizzly River Run with Liv since she had zero desire to go on it.  The rest of the crew loved it!

Rock Climbing

One last time on Cali Screamin'....this time with my eyes open the whole time.

She's just so stinking cute

Finally spotted Woody and Buzz

I thought for sure Olivia would want some Mickey or Minnie ears but nope, she opted for the hands. 

And a Donald hat for Peyt
They had this place called Ride Makerz in Downtown's like a build-a-bear but with cars.  He got to custom build his own remote control car, it was pretty cool.


I think this pic was from the Toy Story ride

On the Ferris Wheel..

Loving the swings

Here's an iPhone pic of our picture on the Tower of Terror...can you tell I didn't like it?  haha

My lovah

His favorite ride ever

Olivia was OUT on the flight home.  We were all so tired!