Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soccer Camp for Liv

I finally found a camp for Liv that didn't get cancelled! It's really hard to find camps for her age range. We found a Skyhawks soccer camp out in Happy Valley.  Peyton has done a camp with Skyhawks and we were impressed so the drive was worth it. She loved it! There were only 3 other kids which was kind of nice so she got a lot of one on one time with the coaches.  She learned the basics and started scrimmaging on the last couple days.  She got a Skyhawks t-shirt and soccer ball. She's excited to play on a team this spring after she turns 4.

She looks so cute in her soccer get up!

They had a little huddle after their warm-up

She's fast!

Peyt snuck a pic of me....I think he wanted to catch this moment of me being social.  I wish I was as outgoing as him!

Hot and sweaty, she worked hard!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wickiup 2014 {Photo overload}

Another 9-day trip to Wickiup is in the books for 2014.  We were super close to purchasing a travel trailer the week before we left, but we were on the fence and didn't want to make a fast decision just because our trip was around the corner.  Tent camping with two kids for 9 days is hard.  My biggest struggle is keeping food fresh for that long in just coolers.  We are going start trailer shopping again after Labor Day and see what we can find.

Our weather this year was CRAZY!   The first few days were hot and perfect.  The next 3-4 days were a different story, sunny and perfect during the day, then as soon as about 4pm came, nasty clouds rolled in.  Strong winds, rain, hail..and of course all during shower/dinner time.  It was interesting! I at one point was holding our quick-shade with one hand and stirring spaghetti sauce with my other hand.  We all worked together and it ended up being fine.  The storms did bring some AMAZING skies.  God has made such a beautiful place here on Earth and Wickiup reminds me of that every year.  I love this place even more every year.  34 years of camping there and counting!

Olivia did SO much better this year.  Last year she wouldn't touch the sand with her feet or go in the water and lived in her ugg boots all week.  This year she did awesome! She was a fish in the water...pretty much mastering the doggie paddle without a life jacket and even went tubing with me. 
Peyton...oh Peyt, he is obsessed with Wickiup just like I was as a kid.  He cried the week before we left, wanting to bad to be there and then cried the last morning we woke up having to go home.  He had so much fun.  Him and Austin were inseparable...they are becoming so close, it's fun to watch.  AND...Peyton attempted to water ski (on the same exact skis I learned on when I was about 6) and he got up on the FIRST try! I was nervous as I was coaching him in the water, because it took me about a dozen tries to get up for the first time.  I think he was shocked himself and wasn't really knowing what to expect because he went around the reservoir in a small loop and wouldn't fully stand up because of me telling him the key: knees bent, arms straight over and over.  I was so proud of him.  He tried again the next day and didn't get up and forgot to let go of the rope and got a nose full of water so that scared him off a bit.  But after we got home he said he's ready to go again so that makes me happy.

I had such a good time with my family and it was extra awesome to have my nephew Bradley and his girlfriend Estella there for 5 of the days as he just left for Okinawa, Japan for a two-year jaunt.  We really missed my dad this year, he was off fishing.  It's not the same without him!  And I of course think about my mom SO much while there.  It pains me so much to not have her here making memories with the kids.  I'll never ever get over it.  :(

The rest will be told through a LOT of photos...I apologize in advance.  I took over 350 pics, it's hard to narrow it down!

All packed, excited and ready to go (and clean)

My camper girl

Blurry photo, but Olivia LOVES her cousin Brad, she was always trying to play tag with him and she'd just end up getting tickled

Cousin pile up

Some rock throwing with Brad

It's just beautiful there! It looked even more colorful and vibrant in person if you can believe it.

Floatie train

Brad took his gf Estella on her first tube ride (and first ever boat ride!)

Peyt getting ready to tube

First day in the water...she was hesitant for about 30 seconds then it was all over.

Love them so much

Pringles fun with Uncle Hughy, ha

My hunk relaxin'

Pestering Bradley again :)

Love these boys!

Livs hair bleached out again
Felt good to board again


Peyt got his first try at some BB gun shooting.  I'll have to pass down my Red Ryder BB gun to him.

For old times' sake

My bros, showing them how it's done
Her face looked like this most of the week, dirty girl

Liv got a try too

Tubing with Aunt Amy

Little fish


Steph, RJ, Chile and Tank came up on Thursday and John and Alexa came on Friday.  Chile's such a good camper!

Tankster!  He should be a dog model.  He's such a good boy, he did great.

Splash wars

Oh Austie...

Rissa with Liv

Liv is usually glued to either Alexa or Marissa

Camping pancakes are the best!

Beach bum

Loving on Chile

She's so stinking cute

Had to capture that little butter booty

Aunt Sherri helping Peyton with his floating

Awesome clouds

Some cousin love with Marissa



Lots of bike riding

Haha I love this one

I love my family, seriously.  The kids have so much fun with all of them

Finding frogs under rocks, they got one!

The storms brought the craziest skies

Practicing her boarding

Puzzles with Hughy

The boys set up their own little rain cover to play cards under.  Peyton is a crazy eight master! He got the Prazeau card shark gene.

Austin having fun with Uncle B

Livvy got a few naps in on the beach

Crazy water during one of the storms

The wind caused havoc on tents

...and our shower stall

Randy holding his boat during the wind storm

Gorgeous double rainbow post storm

Liv kept busy under cover

Some last goodbyes to our US Marine!

Getting ready to do it!

Coaching my boy

Making him laugh to ease his nervousness

I was whooping so loud at this point, I couldn't believe he got up first attempt!

Looking over at us while we yelled "Stand up!!!!"

First tube for my girl


Randy is so good about towing everyone, even though he really misses skiing! He has a bad shoulder and hasn't been able to ski in a long time.

Hail and rain!

A fire was caused by some of the lightening.  We called it in to the fire department along with a lot of other people and it was put out.

We made some epic s'mores this year.  Peanut butter, chocolate spread....the works.

Ladder ball with Austin

Gorgeous sunset our last night

And moon