Friday, January 22, 2016

NYE 2015

We said farewell to 2015 at my dad's house with my brother Randy, Amy, Austin, and Amy's mom Betty.  We ate snacks all evening and played poker.  It was a mellow, yet great night!  The kids loved being able to stay up until midnight...they were instantly asleep in the car when we left.  We are ready for another busy year in 2016!  
Killing time with the kids before we go to Grandpa's

Peyton watches us play very closely and is ready to play too!  Pretty soon he will be taking all our money.

Selfie with Aunt Amy

She started to get sleepy around 11pm

Counting change


Betty ended up taking all our money

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas w/the Prazeau's 2015

After celebrating with the Springer's, we headed over to my dad's house to celebrate with my side of the family. It was a loud, packed house like usual, with tons of food and craziness.  I love it.
Liv the card shark, playing w/Uncle Brett


Bradley surprised everyone on Christmas!  We had no idea he would be home from Japan for the holiday.

Brandon and Sully

Cheek city! Addy's first Christmas

Jennica got Liv this vintage Barbie cool

Lots of us tried out RJs hover board...I so want one now!
Peyt didn't weigh enough for it to work, he was bummed

Drew trying it out

Dad showing off his yo-yo skills

My brother-in-law Brett built my dad this corn hole game. 

Christmas at the Springer's!

After we finished our Christmas morning at home, we headed over to B's parent's house to celebrate Christmas with them.  We had a delicious brunch and opened gifts.  They always give B and I too much, they already do so much for us.  We are very lucky.
Beautiful flocked tree with tons of gifts underneath!

Livvy and Grammy

They loved the Disneyland photo book we made them

Peyt and Liv with Great Grandma Barb!

Christmas Morning 2015

I'm trying to really enjoy these years at Christmas when the kids are young.  The spirit of Christmas and Santa is SO fun!  I enjoy reliving this through my kids. 
Santa came!

In total shock that Santa gave him an iPod Touch!  

Santa brought Liv a Nintendo 2DS!

Excited that Peyt got her the little live pet she wanted.

All their loot!

Santa always knows exactly what I like!!  Best stocking stuffers