Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adalynn Joyce

On Aug 12, after 2+days of labor, Steph gave birth to Adalynn Joyce!  She is such a gorgeous baby!  Meeting her for the first time was so special for me.  Steph is my absolute best friend and has been since the day she was born so I felt so overjoyed to meet my new great niece.  I'm so proud of Steph and RJ...they've jumped into the parent role so seamlessly.  Love you three!
I only have iPhone pics and a few of their photo shoot pics that I stole :)  Addy is such a doll face.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend in Ocean Park

We headed up to my dad's 9-acre property in Ocean Park, WA for Labor Day weekend with my family.  We had pretty good weather aside from Saturday night when it poured ALL night long.  The kids had so much fun with family, creating memories.  My dad has RV hookups on his property so we had unlimited electricity and water for our trailer. We were totally 'glamping!'  We had a great weekend.
The rest I'll share through way too many pictures....

A little Starbucks and excited to be on the road!

Our humble abode all set up
I realized I never showed any photos of the inside of our tent trailer, so I snapped a few with my phone...
Queen bed, bathroom/shower on the left, fridge on the right.

The other side has a full bed, sink/stove on the right, and a table on the left that converts into a small bed. 
Bathroom/Shower.  There's a shower curtain that hooks on the ceiling.
Cooking up some dinner

My brother's labradoodle Tilde LOVES to run on the beach

Peyton in heaven.  This kid just loves the outdoors.

Digging with Daddy

Love my girl

Randy is always trying to flex for pics...such a goof

Uncle Hughy is a master sand castle builder

Grandpa snuck down through the dunes

My dad and my brother-in-law Brett.  Lots of cornhole played this weekend


So gorgeous on the beach

My bro Hughy built a swing for the kids before we got there.

BB gun shooting

Rissa showing them how it's done

Sunday we went to Long Beach to ride some rides and have lunch

Peyt's first time riding go-carts by himself.  He absolutely loved it!



Bumper cars

Peyt rode the Tilt-o-whirl twice with Rissa

She loves her uncles!
Oh man.  Liv got SO car sick on the drive home.  We took a different route home and there were some super winding roads.  She threw up everywhere in the car.  Poor girl!!!