Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wickiup 2015

We had another memorable trip to Wickiup this year!  The weather was so perfect this rain/storms.  It was really warm, even at night.  Peyton was in heaven like usual.  He is still obsessed.  He broke down in tears twice on the drive home and told us he wants to live there.  This year we finally bit the bullet and bought a tent trailer.  It made it so much easier to make our food last the whole week and to keep things more organized.  I love it.  We are going to try and get away for another weekend or two before school starts.  The rest can be told through my huge load of photos....

All packed and ready to go.  And the last time our trailer would be shiny, clean and new :(

So excited and ready to hit the road.

Of course Bun-Bun and Panda came along.
Home sweet home. 

The first couple days were overcast, but still pretty warm.

Mastering the art of skipping rocks.

The second day we were there, Liv's bike tire popped.  She was riding a hand-me-down Cars bike of Peyton's so we decided to just drive into town and get her a bigger, new bike.  She loves it!
On a 2-mile hike with Grandpa.

Sully! This was his first camping trip and he did so well.  He loved it and he is just about the cutest and the most hilarious little boy! Love him.

Livvy and Austin

All smiles as he is in his favorite place in the entire world.

Sully and his mommy/daddy

These two were inseparable all week long.
Reunited after an entire year!  Brad left for Japan last year for the USMC when we were at Wickiup last year.  He has a couple weeks back in the U.S.  It was so great to see him, he looked so much more grown up and strong!

Loungin with my girl.

Peyt tubing

Kate and Sully

Such a sweet boy

I love life jacket pics!


Sully getting some Uncle Hughy love
Bike-riding cousins

Beach yoga anyone?

I think Peyt took this pic...ha

Keeping cool in the shade together.

Love this guy so much

The Marine and his pops securing the quick shades with rocks.
Both kids are obsessed with boat rides

Cousins sharing snacks

Liv and Aunt Sherri

More tubing.
Olivia is so a Daddy's girl right now.  She was clung to him all week.

Love this girl

Swimming with Rissa

Liv hit wiffle balls like crazy in camp

Helping Sully with his form...wish it wasn't blurry.

The kids slept in everyday...exhausted from the day before.  AND!  Liv didn't suck her thumb this entire trip! I think she knew her hands weren't the cleanest and so she just didn't do it.  Crazy.  So far so good at home too.  I'm hoping she's officially kicked that habit.

Doing some sponge painting with Sully

Sully painted his face, haha

I did a ton of wakeboarding...however I took a pretty nasty fall and hit my head so hard on the water that I saw stars.  I had to take a day off because my neck was so sore!

Beach bum

My Pops.  I really was missing my mom again.  I have so many memories of her at Wickiup.  I feel like she was watching down on us though.  Miss you Mama.

Sully's hair just kept getting more amazing each day

Austin getting hurled in the water by Brad and Randy

My pretty girl

Caught Dad snoozing!

So gorgeous
B photobombing my panorama

Feeding the ground squirrels

Rissa and her bf AJ.  He survived his first Prazeau Family Wickiup trip! Haha, he probably thinks we are all nuts.

Bradley squirting the boys

So happy

Sully and his Daddy

Uncle B and Austin having a water fight.

Sully saying bye to Bradley and his gf Estella

A four generation pic before they left. Prazeau boys.

Cutest family of 3!

That Corona life

I love my family so much!

Playing on the beach at dusk

Can't get enough of this view

Peyt met a boy there that was a few camp spots down and they would meet up after dinner to hunt frogs. This kid...I wish I had his social skills.

Olivia was left out a lot of the time with Peyton and Austin off playing by themselves.  She had fun with Sully but after he left she was kind of bored.  The last night we were there, this girl from the camp spot next to us was sitting on the beach.  Liv sat down and kept getting up and sitting closer and closer and was copying everything she was doing.  It was so funny. 

Playing Crazy 8's with Uncle Randy

An almost full moon