Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ocean Park Weekend

My brothers and their families were planning on heading up to camp at my dad's 9 acre property in Ocean Park, WA with him for the weekend and we decided to go too at the last minute.  Peyt headed up early on Thursday morning with Randy, Amy and Austin and B, Liv and I drove up after I got off work Friday evening.  Hughy was kind enough to take our tent and mattresses up and set them up for us since we didn't get there until about 9pm. The weather was pretty dreary and cool, but it was nice to get out of town for a couple days.  The kids had a blast and now are even more excited for Wickiup!  Saturday the sun was trying really hard to break through the thick clouds and it got pretty warm down on the beach.  It was a nice quick get away...I love being with my family!

Mr. Camper

Livs with her Gpa

Randy and Tilde

The boys had a blast together

She found a patch of sand on the property...she couldn't wait to get down to the beach!

Love them!

Hughy helping Liv start her sand castle

Heading to get some water with Daddy

Hughy and I ended up finishing the castle after Olivia moved on to something else

The masterpiece

The boys had fun hiding and exploring in the dunes

Tilde Girl loved the beach!

Liv interrupting Marissa and her boyfriend AJ's alone time...haha! She loves her Rissa

Ahhhh...cold beer and my feet in the sand

A little chilly in the ocean for a swim suit

It didn't bother the boys at all

Best cousin buddies!

Sand dune slides!

Completely tuckered out at 7pm...right before dinner of course.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Ethan!!

After Julien's party we headed over to the Hadley's to celebrate Ethan turning 7! Kate had an awesome spread of food/Transformer-themed party, the kids jumped on Ethan's new trampoline and had a blast playing together.  It was fun having a few kids from their first grade class there.  After we left, Peyton told us he had such a fun day.  Love that!

Besties...oh Liv

Kate set up an awesome treasure hunt that led to the pinata

Excited to get a swing!

Getting their loot!

Taking a break to eat

Olivia LOVED having "her" Ben there.  They have a lot of fun together

E got a lot of great gifts!

Happy Birthday E!!

Happy 1st Birthday Julien!

Both my great nephews Sully and Julien turned one in the past week!  I was sad to miss Sully's party last weekend...I had to work (story of my life).  Today we headed out to Vancouver to Sean and Delores' new house to celebrate Julien's birthday.  Happy Birthday Julien Ezra!
He was way into the slip n' slide..such a cutie!

He's on his way to being a bike stud like Daddy

Great Grandpa and Julien

Daddy and son

He was pretty hilarious with his cupcake...he stuck his nose on it!  I don't think he was sure what to do! HA!

4th of July

I had to work on the 4th of July so after I got off work, we had a low-key 4th of July at home with the kids.  It was nice since we were facing a busy weekend ahead.  We played outside until it got dark, Grammy and Papa stopped by and we let off some fireworks and then watched all the amazing (illegal) fireworks people were setting off all around the neighborhood.  The kids loved it.
Lots of scooter and bike time.

I LOVE helmet pics

LOVE this man

Playing with Daddy

Lots of pop-its

A little nerf bow and arrow action

Love my kids so much!

Peyt set up camp for him and Liv to wait for it to get darks

Trampoline jumping!


Gorgeous night...

Enjoying the fireworks...