Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Some extra 4-year-old tidbits

As I was interviewing Peyton for his annual birthday questionnaire, and Liv declared that she wanted to answer questions too! "Mom, will you ask me things and write it down too?"

My favorite toy: Karaoke Radio
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Sofia the First
The coolest person on Earth: Jesus
My favorite thing to do in school: Learn things
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: Target (I died laughing at this-she is so my daughter)
My favorite colors: Purple
When I grow up I'm going to be: A pet doctor
My favorite song: Let it Go
The book I'm loving right now: Ladybug Girl goes to the Beach
Two words to describe me are: Silly and pretty
My favorite season: Fall so I can jump in leaves!
The best thing about camping is: Sleeping in a tent
My favorite food: Eggs
One food I really dislike: Avocado
My best friend: She named all the boys in her class...oh boy.  I asked her to pick two: Ben and Kingston
If I had one wish it would be: That Grandma can come back to her house so I can meet her (breaks my heart!)
My best memory: Going to the beach.

And here are her updated stats from her 4-year well check with the doc:

Height: 44" (Greater than 97th percentile)
Weight: 41 lbs (84th percentile)

Love my girl.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Another year has quickly flown by and our boy is EIGHT!  He has really grown and matured in the last year.  Here's what's going on with Peyton....

School: Peyton is doing exceptionally well in school this year.  We just got his report card last week and he is excelling all around in school.  He has worked hard to not be so chatty during class and we are so proud of his hard work.  His reading has vastly improved.  They did a STAR Early Literacy test in the first month of school where he scored a 658 out of 900; and just a couple months later they retested him and his score jumped up to 847 out of 900.  He has his nightly routine of reading before bed and has read several chapter books.  He's really loving Beverly Cleary and Magic Treehouse books lately.

His favorite subjects are science and math.  He is obsessed with volcanos right now.  He watches documentaries on YouTube about Mt. St. Helens and other NW mountains and their volcanic activity and LOVES to talk to anyone about it who is willing to listen.  He has done several volvano kits at home.  I love that he is so interested in science.
His Spring school free dress photo

Activities: Peyton's love for basketball has blossomed so much in the last year!  He played 2 seasons this year (CYO and then YMCA). He improved his ball handling, defense and shooting so much.  He's exciting to watch and I love that he is enjoying it like I do.  He is also gearing up for another baseball season which he is excited about.  This will be his last year in Farm and then he will have to tryout for Minors next year. 
Peyt loves to build--Legos or art projects. He loves being outside, riding his bike, playing tag at school, shooting hoops, playing with his sister...one of his favorite things to do is ride his bike with B or I while we go on a run.  
He is still OBSESSED with camping and can't wait to go on our annual trip to Wickiup this summer. 
Music is a huge love for Peyton.  He recently got a wind-up radio from Uncle Hugh/Aunt Sherri and is constantly either listening to that or his iPod.  

This boy can eat!  He is still an awesome eater and loves to try new things.  My grocery bill definitely has gone up over the past year. He loves a variety of food and eats pretty healthy.

He didn't lose many teeth this past year...I think maybe only 1 or 2.  We went to the dentist a couple weeks ago and he had no cavities, but the dentist is pretty positive he will need braces.  After his next appointment they will probably sent him to an orthodontist for an eval and timeline.

I took both kids to the doctor for their well checks on Friday and he is a very healthy boy.  
Weight: 61 lbs (67th percentile)
Height: 4' 5"  (84th percentile)

Annual Questionairre:

My favorite toy: Legos
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Looney Tunes
The coolest person on Earth: Jesus
My favorite thing to do in school: Recess
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: The best hotel in the world with a hot tub 
My favorite colors: Green and yellow
When I grow up I'm going to be: A doctor
My favorite song: Happy by Pharrell
The book I'm loving right now: His "Totally Irresponsible Science" book
Two words to describe me are:Serious and funny
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Tubing 
My favorite food: Chicken cordon bleu
One food I really dislike: Avocado
My best friend: Ethan 
If I had one wish, it would be: For there to be no bad guys so I could go on a bike ride or a walk by myself.  (Sad!)
My best memory: Eating popcorn with Grandma 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Birthday party with the Prazeau's

I'm late blogging here, but we had my side of the family over a few weeks ago for a sub-sandwich bar dinner along with ice cream cake to celebrate the kids' birthdays.  They loved having their family over and were spoiled with gifts.  
Sully is such a crack up.  I love him

Listening intently to Peyton read his card. Look at his curls!

Legos from Uncle Randy, Aunt Amy and Austin

More Lego Friends for Liv from Steph and RJ.  She wore her Cinderella dress along with a tiara for half the night. 

So crazy that he is 8!

I had so much fun helping her put these Legos togather. Why didn't they have these fun sets when I was a kid??!

Peyt was super excited about Just Dance 2015 for the Wii

Lotion and Lip gloss from Uncle Hughy, Aunt Sherri, and Marissa

Looking at a cool science book he got from Brandon, Kate and Sully.

The kids had fun blasting music in Liv's room and playing.

Sully busting out some Karaoke

Monday, March 9, 2015

Playdate PDX Party

Peyton invited about 10 of his friends to a birthday party at PDX Playdate in the Pearl. The kids had a great time.  I love that he is building these friendships with his classmates that he will continue to have all the way through 8th grade.  And he of course had his two best buddies Ethan and Hunter who he's known since they were born there too! 

Allison, Ethan, Peyt and Liv--all sweaty from playing!

Peyt chose a Blazer cake


It was nice to have a room for the party to sit and chat with all the parents while the kids played. 

He opened his gifts when he got home and we all couldn't believe the generosity of his friends!  He's a lucky boy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthday party with the Springer's

Saturday night we had B's family over for a birthday celebration for both kids.  We had a delicious chicken parmesan dinner and cake/ice cream.  The kids love having family over to our house.  They got spoiled with gifts and had a great time.

He loved his Lego set he got from Uncle A

Huge bubble set from Uncle A

A ton of clothes and gift cards from Grammy & Papa and gift cards from Aunt Rochelle.  They are excited to pick some stuff out at the store.

Happy Birthday to Peyton & Olivia!

I'm lucky they don't mind (yet anyway) sharing a party.

Best friends!


Olivia just finished a session of swimming lessons.  She did ok, but didn't seem to connect with her teacher. She was reluctant for the first half of the lessons and wouldn't swim with her unless she had a paddle board.  But she turned around during the last few classes.  I think a lot of it had to do with the time of the lesson..right at dinner time when she is usually the most cranky/tired.  She of course loved meeting new friends and was a little social butterfly.

Finally trusting her teacher to do a back float.

Chatting with her friend while they did their kicks. 


I'm not sure where the time is going but my baby girl is 4! I feel like her first four years went by so much faster than Peyton's.  I'm sure it's due to being more busy and a different work schedule, but dang I wish time would slow down!

I just cannot get enough of Olivia.  She is the perfect combo of sweet, kind, sassy, cuddly, smart, stubborn and funny.  Her and Peyt are so similar but also very different. 

She hasn't had her well-child check yet so I'm not sure what her height/weight stats are yet.  She is scheduled for surgery in a couple days to have her adenoids removed so I'll post an update about that.  Prayers/good thoughts about that are welcomed! She's pretty nervous about it.

Here are some tidbits about Olivia at 4 years old:

Olivia goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and she absolutely LOVES it.  She never had an issue with starting school which was the complete opposite of Peyton.  She had zero anxiety, is very eager to learn and really is doing well.  She writes well and knows how to spell/write her first and last name.  We started reading BOB books and she does pretty well reading one syllable words.  She counts to about 40 before she gets bored. She is always excited about school and wishes she could go everyday.  Next year for her 2nd year of preschool, she will go everyday, ALL day which they just started offering.  She has lots of friends that she's been around for a long time as they also have older siblings at the school.  I love the thought that she will develop these long-term friendships from Preschool through 8th grade. 

Here's her most recent report card...


Preschool picture

~Favorite Activities: She loves coloring, Playdoh, Lego friends, riding her bike, hitting wiffle balls, Subway Surfers/Temple Run on my iPhone, playing dress-up, puzzles, staying home with mom on my days off, and most of all-doing anything with her brother.  They fight like crazy, but have their moments of totally enjoying time together playing.

~Favorite Foods: Olivia is not as great of a eater as Peyton is.  She is THE slowest eater and really doesn't eat much.  Her faves are PBJ, red/yellow/orange peppers, spaghetti, tacos, cucumbers, grapes, apples, pears, crackers w/laughing cow cheese, yogurt, almonds, and of course any sweet treat she can get her hands on.  And her all-time favorite=GUM.  Oh boy this girl loves to chew gum.

~Personality: Olivia continues to be pretty laid back and just goes with the flow.  She is used to tagging along for all of Peyton's sports and other school activities.  She can for sure have her moments of being tired and WHINEY.  She hits a wall at about 4:30.  Part of this I think has to do with her not getting deep sleep at night due to her snoring/breathing.  We are praying this upcoming surgery will correct this.  She is completely hilarious and has the best sense of humor. 

~She is still sucking her thumb when she is bored or tired.  She is always tired so hopefully the surgery will help with that as well.  I'm really hoping once she is in school full-time that she will stop.    

On her actual birthday, we had to work, and Peyton had basketball practice, so we didn't get to do anything that day.  We did have her open a couple gifts from us.

Taylor Swift CD!


Then a couple days later we took her to Chuck E. Cheese.  We told her she could go anywhere she wanted for dinner and she somehow knew about Chuck E. Cheese.  She must have saw a commercial on TV or something? Anyway, I wasn't too excited about it, remembering what that place was like as a kid-not the cleanest and a complete zoo.  But we were pleasantly surprised! It wasn't busy at all on a weeknight and it was pretty clean.  It's been totally remodeled and there was NO ball pit thank goodness.  :)  The kids had a blast.

Some iPhone pics:

Playing a giant Fruit Ninja game


Peyton loved it too!

Air hockey with her bro

It was a fun night out with just the 4 of us.

I can't believe how fast my baby has grown! We love you SO much Olivia Sandra, happy birthday pumpkin!

My beautiful girl.  <3 td="">