Thursday, March 24, 2016

CYO basketball season

After a frustrating Fall YMCA season, I decided to coach Peyt's school CYO team.  Boy oh boy was this a challenge.  We didn't have enough third graders for a team so we did a split 3/4th grade team (6 third graders and four 4th graders) and played up at the 4th grade level.  This was a big jump for the 3rd graders going from CYO hotshots last year where they played on 8 foot hoops, they could travel, double dribble and couldn't steal.  Now all rules applied (aside from no double teaming outside the 3 point line and no full court pressing in the first half.) and they played on 10 foot regulation hoops.  The first half of the season was-to be frank-FRUSTRATING.  We were totally out of our league. Also, 8-10 year old boys are so rambunctious, with not the best attention span which was another frustration. So, I scheduled a few extra practices and worked super hard to figure out the right combos of kids and finally things started clicking. I put lots of time and effort in and it finally paid off.

Peyton struggled at the 4th grade level, as did a lot of the 3rd graders.  This was too much of a jump for them for sure.  He was frustrated, but he continued to work hard on his dribbling and shooting. He definitely got stronger with his shooting and understanding more of the rules and fundamentals of the game.

I now know how hard it is to coach.  I'm not sure I'll be a head coach again...I think I'd make a better assistant. It was a big time commitment.  I also realized that I don't have the voice or dominant presence needed. But I love teaching kids what I'm passionate about.  The last few games, seeing the kids using the skills I taught them was the best feeling ever.

Big thanks to my friend Meggan helping me keep the boys in check during the games!

We ended up taking 3rd place in the end of the year tournament

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


February 19.. our boy turned 9!!  It feels so weird to say that we have a 9-year-old.  Here's what's going on with Peyt:

Peyt continues to do well in school.  This year in 3rd grade, we've learned that math is his best subject.  He was moved to a different math study group for kids who need more of a challenge.  His reading and writing are great too, he just doesn't enjoy it as much as math/science.  He also loves learning about religion, his teacher said he's very into it and loves to contribute when they're discussing religion.  His recent report card comments from his teacher: "Peyton is doing very well and has increased significantly in school.  His math skills have jumped quite a bit, even in the past few weeks and his writing is much more organized.  Keep up the good work Peyton!"
3rd grade photo

Peyton loves to be outdoors.  He is still obsessed with camping and started cub scouts this year which he is really enjoying. He loves to work with his hands, building things and being creative.  He is playing basketball and baseball which he enjoys off and on. He also likes playing with his iPod and Xbox, playing cards and board games.  This kid is so family-oriented...he is in his best mindset and mood when we are around a lot of family.  

Peyt continues to be an awesome eater.  His appetite fluctuates though, right now he doesn't have a big appetite. He is definitely a carnivore. His faves are sloppy joes, steak, meatloaf, tacos/burritos, stew, carrots, apples, kiwi, smoothies, sandwiches and the list goes on.  He will pretty much try anything once.  

Peyton is a moody kid.  He is a pessimist (kind of like myself, I still struggle with this today) and small things can put him in a bad mood. Boredom is usually what triggers this in him.  However, he has the biggest heart and cares so much about the people he loves. He can be serious but also super silly. He thrives on being busy and around people.  When he isn't, that's when his mood can change.  He is also very passionate about things he believes in.  We always say he'd be a great lawyer, because he will argue until he gets his point across, or until he proves his point.  :)  I love every part of him!  

Annual Questionairre:

My favorite toy: iPod
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn
The coolest person on Earth: Michael Jordan
My favorite thing to do in school: PE
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: Disney World
My favorite colors: Light Blue
When I grow up I'm going to be: A lawyer
My favorite song: Justin Bieber-Sorry
The book I'm loving right now: Harry Potter books
Two words to describe me are: Silly and serious
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Swimming and tubing
My favorite food: Sloppy Joe's
One food I really dislike: Avocado
My best friend: Kevin, Shea and he misses his BF Ethan who he barely see's anymore :(
If I had one wish it would be: to have a magic wand
My best memory: Disneyland

My boy

Such a good big bro
The week of his birthday, the kids had the week off of school. We had already celebrated a few times before his birthday so on his actual birthday we had lunch with Meggan, Shea, and Tabor and then headed to G6 airpark.  It was a fun day.  

Happy Birthday Peyton Prazeau!


February 3, our Olivia turned FIVE!  She still remains our sweet and easy going girl.  

Olivia continues to thrive in school.  She loves going everyday, all day.  Her writing, letter sounds, number counting have improved immensely. She has a couple numbers she still writes backwards, but we are working on that.  She can count to 100, and is reading simple one syllable words.  Her report card comments from her teacher say: "Olivia is a good listener.  She pays attention and is eager to help.  She likes a challenge and loves to answer questions. We will work on writing more in upper an lowercase as well as challenging her with reading and writing larger numbers."
PK School photo

Always eager and excited for school

Favorite Activities:
Olivia has a huge love for sports. Soccer, basketball and baseball are her faves.  She loves to practice and is always up to hit some whiffle balls, shoot hoops, practice dribbling or kick the soccer ball with me.  She has a drive to get better...she reminds me of how I was as a kid, except I didnt start this early!  I'm excited to see which sport she chooses as her 1st love and to watch her work hard.
She also loves to draw, color, play cards (she is a card shark!), play with makeup, do puzzles and play anything with Peyton.  She absolutely loves being around family.

Favorite Foods:
PB and honey sandwiches, ketchup, waffles, sloppy joes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, peanuts, apples, grapes, chips/salsa, hot dogs.  She almost always prefers water over anything else.  She isnt much of a milk drinker.  She will occasionally drink almond milk.  She's somewhat of a picky eater, but mostly she is just a very SLOW eater. We end up having to set a timer so she wont take an hour to eat a meal. She eats very slow and will chit chat, take a nibble, and chat some more.  She's silly.

Personality: Olivia is 80% of the time in a great mood.  She has an optimistic outlook on life that I envy and is easy going.  Peyton is the opposite so they clash a lot of the time.  She is not an early riser, it takes her a while to wake up and can be a bit of a bear coming out of hibernation on early mornings. She is so loving, caring and loves to do the right thing.  She has a little bit of anxiety with new people or situations, but mainly just loves being around her family.

And for the annual questionairre:

My favorite toy: Puzzles
My favorite sport: Soccer
The best show on TV: Sofia the First
The coolest person on Earth: Mommy
My favorite thing to do in school: Play outside
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: To the park
My favorite colors: Sparkle
When I grow up I'm going to be: A doctor
My favorite song: anything Justin Bieber
The book I'm loving right now: The Elsa one
Two words to describe me are: Smart and good listener
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Bike rides and swimming
My favorite food: Apples
One food I really dislike: Avocado
My best friend: Kooper
If I had one wish it would be: That the street was a trampoline, so when you fall down it won't hurt.
My best memory: Going to Lincoln City with our family.

Managed to get an early morning smile on her birthday.

It was sports day at school on her birthday
After school, Liv opened a little gift from us before we headed to her basketball practice.

After her practice she got to pick where she wanted to eat and she picked Dea's, a cute little diner in Gresham. 

A corndog of course!

Happy Birthday Olivia Sandra! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birthday Party with the Springer's

We had B's parents, Uncle A, and Grandma Barb over for an enchilada dinner to celebrate the kids' birthday!  
Grammy and Papa got them a Minion cake!  

Helping Grammy put the candles on

Making wishes

Lots more gifts

Including new bed sets!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

The kids working on their Valentine's for school
We don't usually have big plans for Valentine's Day since we are so busy with the kids' birthdays, but we got a spur of the moment invite to go to dinner at Sayler's with the McKenzie's and with Molly and her kids for a family V-day.
Family selfie before we head out!
The kids all sitting together.  I think all the old folks at Sayler's were entertained to say the least.  
After dinner we went to Meggan and Jimmys for some drinks and played cards, such a fun night!  B and I were big winners and took everyone's money!  HAHA! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Birthday party with the Prazeau's

Having both kids' birthdays so close together, we have to combine their parties.  They are still okay with it thankfully.  We had my side of the family over for dinner, cake, ice cream and gifts to celebrate Peyton turning 9 and Olivia turning 5.  Both kids absolutely love being around family which makes me so happy!
The food spread-kids requested homemade hot ham n' cheese sliders and weiner wraps

Peyt and Austin...they are both growing up so much!

My sis-in-law Sherri, and nieces Marissa and Alexa-gorgeous ladies!

My two February babies

3 Gillies

Addy!  Buddha belly

Peyton's hat is so blinding, haha.  The kids got lots of great gifts, they are lucky kids!

They both got new fishing poles for Wickiup! Thanks to Uncle Hugh and Aunt Sherri

New teeball bat for Livvy from Uncle Brett and Aunt Susie

Grandpa giving Liv a hand

Uncle Randy and Aunt Amy had these cards made for Liv since she's such a card shark  Photos of them with Liv and also a pic of my mom playing.  LOVE!

Liv showing Addy her toys

Testing er' out
Love my Addy girl!

Randy & Amy

She's so stinking cute!


I can't believe she's 5

And he's NINE!