Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lee Farms

The weather this early October has been amazing! We decided to take advantage before the rain started and headed out to Lee Farms after church a couple Sundays ago.  It was SO hot! I love this farm.  There's so much to do and it's all so spread out that it doesn't feel like complete chaos even when there's a ton of people there.  The kids had a blast.

My cute kids!

Measuring up

They did the slide a handful of times

A little face painting

A pirate

A bunny

Love them!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Sohler

Yesterday was SUCH a great day! It went by so fast.  I'm so incredibly happy for Steph and RJ.  B and I were talking on the way home last night that this was by far the best wedding we've ever been to and been a part of! Steph is my best friend in the whole world and I couldn't be happier for her.  The whole day was full of memories, little details and most importantly...FAMILY! The rest can be told in {a lot of} pictures.  Speaking of photos...Bethany Fegles was the photographer and I am so excited to see the photos.  She's AMAZING!

Matching robes to get ready in!

Liv loves her Lexa!

A little room service for breakfast

Her dress was GORGEOUS!

Love my girl!

She is so hilarious I swear.  I can't get enough of her.

Lexa looking beautiful


Livs first limo ride...

And she was out for a cap nap on the ride to the farm.

Peyt looked SO dapper!
These photos from the ceremony I stole from my sister that she took on her phone and they are all out of order... 

Liv got a little antsy so she sat down with B

Chile walked down the aisle with me :)

All the kids had dance fever

The food was SO amazing! This food truck had fried chicken, mac n' cheese (so good), baked beans, corn and a salad bar

This one had sliders and spiral cut taters

Liv was obsessed with Garrett.  She would not leave him alone. "Hold my hand Carrot," "Dance with me Carrot." "But I love you Carrot." HA

They were so cute

I just cant even deal with his picture.

Father/mother dances

Loved John's toast!! .  We wont talk about mine.  I was bawling my head off.


My bro Hugh with is beautiful bride Sherri

Peyt was so excited to see Ethan!

Geez Louise....She tackled Garrett (Carrot).  We're gonna have to keep an eye on this girl

Cousin besties

Julien on the dance floor...he's so cute!

Kate and Ethan cuttin a rug!

Then...a VOODOO donut truck pulled up as a surprise to everyone! Amazing...

Peyt got an M&M donut

B lovin his bacon maple bar

Sugar high...she had just eaten cake before this

The view right at dusk was amazing

Peyt and Aunt Amy

Love this boy!

Mr. and Mrs. Sohler

Liv and RJ...she loves him

Randy and Steph

Steph and Jennica

Cam and RJ...new brother-in-laws

Brother sister dance!

Drew and Steph

All the single ladies!

Lauren caught it!

Cameron caught the garter

Liv loved dancing with Daddy

Peyton danced all night long!