Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Weekend at Ocean Park

For the 4th, my family and I headed up to my Dad's beach property in Ocean Park, WA to camp.  We all hooked up our trailers and had a fun long weekend together!  There were 27 of us total.  The weather was super nice, with only a few sprinkles here and there.  You know it's good weather when you get a sun burn there! The only bad part of the weekend was being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes.  Despite bathing in bug spray, I got bit...not exaggerating...30+ times.  I'm still recovering. The kids had so much fun.  Peyton was so in his element and cried himself to sleep on the drive home.  Poor kid! The rest will be told in the overload of photos.
Peyt spent a good 4 hours helping my dad clear and burn brush.  He kept on working even after my brothers and dad stopped to take a break.  He loved it.

Beautiful weather on Sunday for a morning walk to the beach

The tide washed up a sting ray!  I've never seen that happen before, pretty cool.

Liv staying as far away from the ocean as possible, she's still deathly afraid of it.

Sully and Liv played together a lot this trip, I'm glad their finally at the age where they can play together! Once Addy gets older, hopefully they'll be super close like Brandon, Steph and I were.  I love that we all had kids around the same time..

Peyt and Austin had fun together too.  Peyton drove up a day early with him.
B, Hughy, Brandon/Sully, Randy, Kate and Amy relaxing

Happy girl

Brandon and Sully

Buried alive!


Liv loved riding in the "trunk"

Our humble abode for the weekend

I love her!  She's always so happy

She started doing the thumbs up this weekend.  

 B, the kids and I drove in to Long Beach on the 4th for lunch and some rides for the kids.

Making a wish
Then we headed back to camp, loaded up food/blankets and drove down on the beach for a BBQ/bonfire and wait for dusk and fireworks!
Brandon had the best patriotic shirt, haha!

Our set up. 

Sully and Liv beach wrestling


Addy is such a good camper!

Typical Nic and Hughy
Love my bros

Windy bonfire

Steph and gillies!

Hughy and Sherri


My brothers...always being weird

My love


Awesome Washington fireworks!