Sunday, July 12, 2015

Steph's Baby Shower

Today Alexa and I threw Steph a baby shower.  She is due September 1st although her doc thinks she will go earlier than that.  Steph and RJ have decided to have the baby's gender be a surprise, so fun!!! My guess is that she is having a boy...we shall see!!!
Liv helping me put the party favors her!

A little outdoor gazebo d├ęcor. Steph is the best and let us host at her house.  Her central AC came in handy today!

Jelly jar candy favors

Mimosa bar

Lots of fixin's!

We played a game where everyone was given a container of Playdoh and they had to make their best baby in 5 minutes. 

Livvy playing with Garrett

A lot of great Playdoh babies!
Love my Gilly! She's going to be such good mama.

Then Steph picked her favorite to win the prize--Marissa won!

Garrett and Liv watching Steph open gifts.

She got a lot of great stuff!

Of course Liv had to help,,,

Little Peanut!

Helen Bernhardt Bakery cake...poppyseed and raspberry filling, Steph's fave!

Keeping cool...

It has been a really hot summer in the Portland area so far!  The kids have been playing on the slip in slide and sprinklers a lot.  Here are some random pictures of them playing outside together. Peyt and Liv bicker quite a bit but they have their moments of having lots of fun together.

 It's pretty rare I bust out my big camera these days so I figured I'd post these!

Squirting Peyt at his request

Tea/Picnic break

That bun though.

Trillium Lake

A few weeks ago we decided to beat the 100 degree heat and go to Trillium Lake for the day.  It was so muggy so the water felt really nice!  It was really crowded this day and it didn't have the ideal space for kids to play in the water (huge rocks and then a drop off to really deep water). We stayed for a few hours and then headed home. But it was a nice little getaway as a family.
So pretty!

There were tons of ducklings everywhere, so cute.

2nd grade done!

This school year flew by so fast!  Peyton really matured and thrived this year.  It's so amazing how much he learns just in 9 months.  His reading and math improved leaps and bounds.  I lost count of how many chapter books he read this year.  He continues to love school and is excited for 3rd grade in the Fall.
He looks like a different kid! He's growing up too fast for this mama!

Very proud of my boy

First year of Preschool a success!

Olivia went to preschool 2 mornings a week this year and she LOVED it.  She is so excited to enter her second year of preschool, fulltime--every day, ALL day!  She is so ready.  She did really well this year. She had zero anxiety and played really well with her classmates. 

She grew so much !

She got the 'Queen of Organization' award. 

Her self portrait

A couple videos of her last day of school..

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marissa's Graduation

My niece Marissa graduated from high school a few weeks ago.  That makes me feel old!  She is such a smart, kind, beautiful, grounded, and down-to-earth girl.  Love you Marissa, we are so proud of you!

Franklin HS Class of 2015

With Grandpa

With Dad

With Mama !
Rissa and her boyfriend AJ

Brittni and her kids Andrew/Collin flew in from Indiana
I love this pic.  Alexa and Uncle John

Uncle Randy, Aunt Amy and Austin

So proud