Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2016-17 CYO Basketball Season

Another season of CYO has come and gone.  Peyton improved so much this year! He scored much more and was a lot more aggressive.  I coached again which is always challenging but fun. I assisted George the head coach because with my work schedule, I just can't be there for every single game.  Meggan helped out too when one of us couldn't be there. It was a 3rd/4th grade split team which had it's challenges of having a few kids who had never played before.  We did great though!  We had some big wins and some tough losses as well.  

It's too hard to get pics when I'm busy coaching so this is all I have!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Peyton is TEN

My baby boy, my first-born, is officially in double digits! I can't wrap my head around 10.  Here's what's going on with Peyt...

Peyton is at the age where he longs for the weekends.  He does like school, but would rather be off and be hanging out with friends or at home. Math is still his best subject, and his favorite.  He is very bright and doesn't have to try hard to be successful in school.  He tends to rush through his work to move on to whatever is next, which is my only concern.  He's an excellent reader, although reading is his least favorite. If he finds a book that interests him, he enjoys it.  He's a great writer, a really great speller and is pretty creative.  He is doing really well in 4th grade, his teacher has very positive things to say about him.  She wants him to read more of course and he is still a chatty one. I'm still baffled at where that came from.  We are proud of him academically!

4th Grade School Photo

Favorite activities:
Peyton loves hanging out with his bestie Shea, they are really into Pokemon cards, xbox gaming, mine craft and sports.  He loves basketball and baseball.  He just finished basketball, and dove straight into baseball, practicing at least 3 times a week.  He's super into cars, we've got to get him to a car show soon.  Camping-we hope to take more camping trips this summer!  He of course still loves being around family-we don't see family as much as we have in the past with just being super busy and a shift in our family dynamic.

Favorite Foods:
He likes meat, as usual! Turkey sandwiches, milk, pasta, sloppy joes, chili, tacos, enchiladas, pizza, apples, seaweed snacks, waffles, beef w/broccoli, chopped salad.  The kid is not very picky.  His appetite has kind of slowed down recently.  He gets full easy and we feel he needs to eat more!  He's a bean pole.

Peyt continues his stubborn, but caring, sensitive but strong personality.  He hates being wrong and will argue til the end!  We are working together with him on his attitude and trying to help him with his patience with Liv.  He has moments of being anxious and will tend to think the worst of potential outcomes (so like me!).  It still stands true that boredom brings out the worst in him.  He loves to stay busy and/or entertained.  He thrives on being around a lot of people.  He cares deeply about those close to him and he always tends to be there for me when I need him the most.  It's like he knows when all I need is a big hug from him!  Love that boy to pieces.

10-year check up:
We don't go until May, so I will update weight and height here after then.

Things we love about Peyt:
~He needs to know how things work, and he won't stop asking questions until he fully understands.
~His love for music, he constantly has music playing and it's all genres ranging from Van Halen to Justin Beiber to Phil Collins to The Weeknd, etc.
~He gives the best hugs and he's the best cuddler.
~He cares so deeply for his family.  Just the thought of someone being hurt or lost will bring him to instant tears.
~He weeps every time we are driving home from a camping trip, because he loves it SO much!
~He has the best laugh when he's REALLY laughing hard.  I can't get enough of it.
~He always holds the front door open for me and insists on me walking in first into the house.
~He loves to converse with adults and pays attention to what adults have to say. He's kind of an old soul in that way.

Annual Questionnaire:
My favorite toy: Pokemon Cards
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Henry Danger
The coolest person on Earth: Justin Timberlake
My favorite thing to do in school: Math
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: The Bahamas
My favorite colors: Hot Pink
When I grow up I'm going to be: A lawyer
My favorite song: I feel it coming by the Weeknd
The book I'm loving right now: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Two words to describe me are: Funny and stubborn
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Swimming
My favorite food: Sloppy Joes
One food I really dislike: Olives
My best friend: Shea
If I had one wish it would be: To have a superpower of being invisible
My best memory: Going to Great Wolf Lodge

His actual birthday landed on the Sunday of a busy birthday party weekend.  He had a basketball game that day and we had a birthday dinner at B's parents house for him.

Happy Birthday Peyton Prazeau! We love you more than ever! xoxo

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Family Biirthday Party for the kids

We managed to squeeze in a birthday party with my side of the family.  We are constantly busy with work, coaching, sports that we don't have a lot of free time.  We never see the fam anymore so it was nice to have a get together.

Excited about their DQ ice cream cake

They still do ok with sharing a birthday celebration, thankfully!

Livvy and Sully

They both were spoiled with lots o birthday money and gifts

Steph, RJ and Addy

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2017 St. Therese Auction

St. Therese had another successful auction night!  The theme this year was James Bond and B and I went all out with our get ups.  It's always so fun dressing up and having a night out together.  The auction was held at the Multnomah Athletic Club again.  The big ticket item was surrounding better security for the school.  New security gates and tinted windows have began to be installed which is great.
Here are some pics from my phone of our night.

B looked so handsome in his white tux!  I stepped way out of my comfort zone with this dress.

I had fun with a more dramatic makeup look

Molly, Meggan and I

The food was delicious

A little bathroom photo with a few of my favorite fellow moms.  I have gorgeous friends!

B's parents looking so fancy!

My dad and Mary all dappered up

Friday, February 3, 2017

Olivia is 6!

Olivia is now SIX!  Here is an summary of how our girl is doing at 6 years old.

School: (Kindergarten)
Liv continues to be an excellent student.  She goes to school with a great attitude, follows directions and we hear nothing but good things from her teacher.  She is doing so great reading-we recently went to the library as she wanted to pick out some simple chapter books.  She told me she's been working through some Jack and Annie books at school as well.  I hope she continues to enjoy it.  She is also doing great in math, and sounding out words to write sentences.  She gets along well with everyone in her school and is thriving.
Kindergarten School Photo

Favorite Activities:
This girl is constantly drawing and coloring.  Our dining room table is more often than not, a makeshift art table (that we are constantly on her about clearing off so we can, you know, EAT dinner).  She loves to shoot hoops, hit balls/play catch, kick a soccer ball-she loves sports and is so naturally good at anything she tries.  She just finished an awesome basketball season and is skipping another year of tee ball to go right into softball.  We are excited to see how she does.  She is ready for a challenge I think. Olivia loves to spend one on one time with either B or me.  With our lives so busy with both the kids' activities, I think she realizes she doesn't get as much quality time as she used to. She loves to play cards, board games, going to the park, and hanging out with friends on the weekends.  She tends to be the only girl when we hang out with friends...all Peyton's friends have brothers, but she holds her own.

Favorite Foods:
She loves PB and Honey, applesauce, peanut butter on a spoon, grilled cheese with ketchup, apples, yogurt to name a few.  A couple favorite meals for her are spaghetti and beef/broccoli over rice. OH and Chinese food-she loves it.  She still doesn't have much of an appetite...she definitely is a snacker and gets full super easily.

Olivia continues to be pretty easy going.  She can definitely have her dramatic/whiny moments.  Recently she has more of a tendency to get her feelings hurt.  She's very sensitive and we are increasingly protective over her after the past year.  She has developed the best sense of humor and she has us dying laughing with some of her one-liners. She reminds me so much of my mom which I love so much.  She has such a caring soul, strives to always do the right thing and is hyper aware others and how they are feeling.

As far as her physical growth, the kids don't have their well-checks until May 2 so I'll update that here when I get it.  I know she's grown a ton, she towers over everyone her age.

Things we love about Liv:
~She almost never walks...she has a skip in her step or she runs.
~She gets so excited when I have a day off work, especially if she also doesn't have school.
~She is so gracious with everything, always thankful for even the smallest of things.
~She works so hard!  She is coachable and follows a routine to be great in all aspects of life.
~She always is thinking of her brother.  For example, if someone offers her a treat, she will ask if she can have one for her brother too.
~She has the BEST laugh!
~She is very aware of where we are at all times.  If one of us leaves the house, she wants to know where we are going and when we will be back.  She feels most comfortable when all four of us are together.

Annual Questionnaire:

My favorite toy: My nail kit
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Henry Danger
The coolest person on Earth: Mommy
My favorite thing to do in school: Doing worksheets
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: Lincoln City
My favorite colors: Pink, Purple and Gold
When I grow up I'm going to be: A vet
My favorite song: Cake by the Ocean
The book I'm loving right now: Hop on Pop
Two words to describe me are: Nice and pretty
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Swimming
My favorite food: Chicken strips and Beef w/broccoli
One food I really dislike: Peas
My best friend: Tabor
If I had one wish it would be: to bring Grandma and Pancho back from heaven (SAD!)
My best memory: When I went to the pumpkin patch

On her actual birthday, she woke up to her bathroom all decorated and it ended up being ANOTHER snow day! 

Cinnamon roll birthday breakfast
Excited about her Fuji film camera she wanted for her bday
On Feb 7th, I brought in cupcakes for her class to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Olivia Sandra! We love you to infinity and back. xoxo

Saturday, December 31, 2016


We rang in the New Year at the McKenzie's!

All iPhone pics...

Tabor and Livvy

Lots of kids!

White Elephant for the kids
Veda and Liv...they went to summer camp together

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Since I worked late on Christmas Eve, all of our celebrating with family was squeezed onto Christmas Day.  We had a very busy day...I was fighting a cold and was completely exhausted by the end of the night.  But we had a great holiday with both of our families!
Santa came!

Excited about her very own tablet!

Loving the drone Santa brought him

Wireless headphones

I remember having this as a kid!

She can't believe she got the boots she wanted

Organizing her new makeup set

All their loot, lucky kids!
Santa and B always give me the best stuff

After we opened gifts at home, we hurried and showered, got ready and headed over to B's parents for Christmas brunch. We had a delicious brunch of eggs benedict, bacon, potatoes, and mimosas.  Then we opened gifts...again they spoiled all of us, they are too good to us!

Watching Grammy open gifts

Uncle Aaron opening a gift

We got this amazing robot vaccum, it's awesome!  We also got a huge new set of thick plush towels along with so much more.  

Papa opening his drone

Tootsie girl
Love her


After brunch, we headed home and dropped off our gifts, I made a quick green salad and we headed over to my sister's house for Christmas.  This was the first time that we have ever had Christmas at anywhere other than my dad's house so it was really odd.  But it went right along with the year our family has been having. 2016 was a very trying and off year.  

B and Livvy played a lot of pool

Susie, Lauren and I prepping the ham 

Peyt and Julien

The kids got so much stuff! (ncluding a kids metal detector, ha!)

Virtual reality goggles

Some wii games for Liv

A pitching machine for Liv (Peyt got a pitch back)

Liv and Addy

She is a hoot!

Dad carving the ham

Estella and Marissa

The kids ate with Grandpa and Mary

Julien loved helping everyone open 

Love her

My life

The white elephant gift were hilarious

Even a fake man bun