Saturday, September 6, 2014

Steph's Bachelorette

A couple weekends ago we had a bachelorette weekend for Steph!  About 9 of us headed out to Hood River for wine tasting, dinner and then major shenanigans at the hotel in The Dalles we stayed at.  It was SO much fun!! Here are some pics...a lot of the hotel pics aren't being posted for the sake of ALL our reputations, haha, we enjoyed our beverages a little too much and had a BeyoncĂ© dance party.  (key words for us to remember...jumpsuit, bey, cup on the booty, lies, etc etc)  Love you all! I had a great time.

Pedicures before we headed out to Hood River
The beautiful bride-to-be!

My Gilly...even though she's my niece..she's always been my best friend. 

Jennica and Amy

Lauren, Susie, me and Stephers

The wine was starting to loosen us up, ha

Lex, Jennica and Amy


My niece Lauren and I


Then we headed to the Full Sail Brewing Co for a delicious dinner/beers

Ok just a few hotel pics...sorry Amy I love this pic!

Opening some gifts...

Amy had this custom hanger made for her wedding dress

Jumpsuit dance party!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I'm behind in blogging. :/  My dad turned 74 on August 13th and we celebrated at his house with a salmon BBQ from his August fishing trips.  Happy Birthday Dad!!!
I didn't take many pics...but here's a few.
Sully! He had just taken his first steps earlier this day.
Livvy having fun with her Steph and RJ

Daddeo opening some gifts.

Zip lining

For our birthday gift, Brandon and I got gift certificates from B's parents for a zip line tour up at Skamania lodge.  It was so much fun! It was a 2-hour zip line tour.  The weather couldn't have been better.  There were 7 zip lines and one time where we had to jump off one of the platforms on a zipline (that was the scariest part for me!).  The kids and B's mom watched us for a bit and took some pictures.  We will definitely go back again with the kids.

Getting all our gear on and feeling a little nervous..well at least I was feeling nervous

B's dad, cousin Mario, and brother Aaron getting geared up.

Being a guinea pig for our group. 

Ready to go!

Peyt manned the camera and took some pretty good pics!

B loved it...he's a dare devil



My father-in-law Randy

The kids found a park to play at

Walking over a wobbly of many

Here's a video of the 2nd to last zip...the longest one at 900 feet.  By far my favorite.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soccer Camp for Liv

I finally found a camp for Liv that didn't get cancelled! It's really hard to find camps for her age range. We found a Skyhawks soccer camp out in Happy Valley.  Peyton has done a camp with Skyhawks and we were impressed so the drive was worth it. She loved it! There were only 3 other kids which was kind of nice so she got a lot of one on one time with the coaches.  She learned the basics and started scrimmaging on the last couple days.  She got a Skyhawks t-shirt and soccer ball. She's excited to play on a team this spring after she turns 4.

She looks so cute in her soccer get up!

They had a little huddle after their warm-up

She's fast!

Peyt snuck a pic of me....I think he wanted to catch this moment of me being social.  I wish I was as outgoing as him!

Hot and sweaty, she worked hard!