Thursday, March 6, 2014


Peyton is 7.  He is growing up before our eyes.  Peyt is still our stubborn and sometimes moody boy who is always on the go.  This kid does not stop until he hits the pillow at night.  Always thinking, asking questions, building things, and testing his boundaries.  

School: He is thriving! It has amazed me how much he has improved with his reading. He is reading chapter books and comic books and is doing really well with it.  His favorite subject in school seems to be math.  His teacher says he's doing great and does even better when he slows down and takes his time.  He has a hard time not rushing through his work.  He's eager to move on to the next thing and we are trying to get him to slow down. This has always been a struggle for him.  

Activities: Peyton loves to build.  He will take cardboard, paper, glue, rocks and anything else he can get his hands on and create things.  He's loving basketball right now and is about to start farm baseball this spring.  He's also mentioned that he wants to play football, but we'll see.  Peyton and Olivia play a lot together now that she's older, but man they can fight.  They will one minute be playing happily and the next fighting over something.  He loves to be outside and we are excited for spring to come.  He loves hanging out with family.  He is obsessed with camping and going to the beach...he cries when we come home from either.  

Peyton has been eating us out of the house.  He is definitely growing and has a big appetite.  He continues to be a great eater and sleeper.

I've lost track of how many teeth he's lost and his 6-year molars are just about all the way in.  The last time we went to the dentist they told us he may have to visit the orthodontist early because his mouth just isnt big enough for all his teeth and braces are most likely going to happen.  I had the same issue and had braces early on.  His teeth look good though and no cavities.

We went to the doctor the week after his birthday and everything looks great.  He's a healthy, tall boy!

Height: 51" (97%)
Weight: 54 lbs (70%)

Annual Questionairre:
My favorite toy: DS
My favorite sport: Basketball
The best show on TV: Peter Pan
The coolest person on Earth: God
My favorite thing to do in school:  Recess and Math
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go: Heaven to see Grandma
My favorite colors: Green and blue
When I grow up, I'm going to be: a police officer
My favorite song: Luke Bryan songs
The book I'm loving right now: Magic Treehouse books
Two words to describe me are: Creative and Big
My favorite season: Summer
The best thing about camping is: Swimming
My favorite food: Carrots and Cake
One food I really dislike: Avocado
My best friend: Ethan
If I had one wish, it would be: "That I was rich with gold."
My best memory: Going to Lincoln City.

Opening his gift from us....we got him an iPod shuffle with a speaker to hook it up to so he can listen in his room.  He is obsessed with music and loaded it with all his faves!
We love you PEYTON PRAZEAU!!

Not too thrilled by the small package....

Realizing what it is!

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Amy hall said...

Love the qquestionaire ... So sweet his honest answers. 7... How can it be??